We are a company that restores and colors old photos. We are a family owned and

operated business.


Photo restoration consists of removing damage, grooves and wear from old photos.


Photo colorization is the art of putting colors on black and white photos. For this, there is a long process of researching historical colors in order to faithfully reproduce the original colors.


The designer, Publicist, Youtuber,

Fernando Lima Ribeiro, is the artist who

created and owned the company.

The photos restored and colored by the artist are for sale here on the website. Get yours now!

We are a family owned and operated business.







Retrieving photos and adding colors bring more excitement!

Now feel all the liveliness that the old photographs colorized by Fernando Ribeiro Colorization give us.

"Rescuing yesterday's moments that will surprise your heart even more today and forever."



Write to us! Make a budget. It is easy, fast and we will be happy to respond.

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The images will be available for download after payment. The sale of the images is only digitally, no printed copies will be sent.

Fernando Ribeiro Colorization-Rua Caramuru, 732 apt 107 - CEP: 14030-000 - Ribeirão Preto/SP.- CNPJ: 38.080.504/0001-31
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Address for correspondence: Rua Caramuru, 732 apt 107 - CEP: 14030-000 - Ribeirão Preto/SP.

On June 30th (Saturday), in the House of Italian Memory in the city of Ribeirão Preto - São Paulo, there will be the event "2nd Conversation About Photography". The theme will be about photographic editing, the technological resources of the past and the present. The photographers and artists present will be Otávio Luiz Leite and Fernando Lima Ribeiro. Fernando will present his work of colorization and Otávio will talk about manipulation of photographs.

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