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CAIRBAR DE SOUZA SCHUTEL (1868 - 1938) Colorized photo by “Fernando Ribeiro Colorization”.


Cairbar Schutel was a pharmacist, politician, writer, publisher, spiritist divulger and Brazilian philanthropist.

It was of great importance in the history of Spiritism, and of Matão, having been fundamental in its elevation from village to municipality, being its first intendant, position equivalent to the present mayor, that exerted from March to October of 1899, and later of 18 from August to October 15, 1900.

In politics, Cairbar faced no opposition, because by his humility he was able to win the respect of everyone in the city in his time, even buying the building for the installation of the city hall with his own resources; was consecrated with the title of "The Father of the Poor" of the city, gave free medicine to the needy and used his own house to receive the sick.

In 1912, already known like the "Father of the Poor of Matão", he founded a small charity hospital, to attend the poor patients. Two years later, in 1914, he began visiting prisoners in the Matão Public Prison, where he was called whenever a detainee was suffering from a psychotic outbreak. Within this line of activities, in 1917 extended the visits to the detainees in the Chain of Araraquara, where it gave lectures.

Converted to Spiritism, Cairbar Schutel founded the Spiritist Center Lovers of Poverty, the first in all that area of São Paulo. Not satisfied with this, he also founded the newspaper "O Clarim" in 1925, in collaboration with the great idealist Luís Carlos de Oliveira Borges, who gave him the material means, launched the International Journal of Spiritism. These organs circulate to this day, representing a living example of struggle and persistence.

He is still known today, among the spiritists, as the "Spiritualist Pathfinder", due to the commitment with which he dedicated himself to spreading Spiritism throughout his life.



Cairbar Schutel