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CARLOS CHAGAS (1879 - 1934). Colorized photo by “Fernando Ribeiro Colorization”.


He was a biologist, sanitary doctor, scientist and Brazilian bacteriologist, who worked as a clinician and researcher. Active in the public health of Brazil, he began his career in the fight against malaria. He was distinguished to discover the protozoan Trypanosoma cruzi (in honor of your friend's name) and the American trypanosomiasis, known as Chagas disease. He was the first and to this day remains the only scientist in the history of medicine to fully describe an infectious disease: the pathogen, the vector (Triatominae), hosts, clinical manifestations and epidemiology.

He was awarded several prizes from institutions around the world, with honorary members of the Brazilian Academy of Medicine and Honorary Doctor of Harvard University and University of Paris. He also worked in the fight against leptospirosis and venereal diseases, as well as being the second director of the Oswaldo Cruz Institute. He graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of Rio de Janeiro (current UFRJ).



The spirit of a sanitarist physician known in Rio de Janeiro in the early 20th century presented himself to Chico Xavier, the world's greatest medium, saying that he would write several books with him. The medium accepted and asked for the name that would be signed in the works. There was a boy sleeping in the next bed at that moment. It was André Luiz, Chico Xavier's half-brother, and the medium says that was the pseudonym that the spirit chose to sign the works.

The hypothesis that André Luiz would be Carlos Chagas is sustained to this day in spiritualism. This spirit through the mediumship of Chico Xavier has written more than 10 books and many of them relate how his experience in the spiritual world was after his death. His most famous book is "Our Home" which describes what this city is like on the spiritual plane. "Our Home" is just one of many spiritual cities. The book was psychographed in 1944, already has more than 2 million copies sold and has been translated into several languages. In 2010, "Our Home - The Movie" arrived in the cinema. The movie was box office records.

Carlos Chagas