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FRANCISCO CÂNDIDO XAVIER, better known as "Chico Xavier" (1910 - 2002). Colorized Photo by Fernando Ribeiro.

Chico Xavier was one of the greatest mediums in the world. He has psychographed more than 500 books and donated all the income from the books to philanthropic activities thus helping thousands of people. He did not consider himself the author of these books because he said that it was the spirits who wrote through him. He also claimed to receive messages from spirits of artists, poets, philosophers, scientists and other famous personalities ... so his books addressed many subjects: philosophy, science, religion, poems, novels... His books sold more than 50 million been translated into several languages. He is considered the most commercial successful Brazilian writer in history.

Chico Xavier was a tireless worker, wise, humble, possessed a soft voice, transmitted a love and a very deep peace, he helped people all day and also at dawn. Dedicating himself thus, all the time of his life, to philanthropic causes. It was a personality that propagated and put into practice all the teachings of Jesus.

He was born poor, with few resources and lived his entire life in a very simple and humble way. As a child he said he saw and heard spirits, he was also very mistreated by his stepmother who tortured him. Throughout his life he has suffered religious persecution, treachery, humiliation, accusations ... and none of this has disrupted his mission!

Chico also psychographed more than 10,000 letters, which were messages of spirits to his relatives, thus comforting the hearts of many families, the letters were filled with private details that only the relatives knew. Chico Xavier had little study and he did not speak other languages. With his agile hands, he also received spirits from other countries, psychographing messages in various languages such as Hebrew, Italian, English, English from back to front, written messages reversed in a way that allows reading only with the use of a mirror, messages with the same letter and signature of the spirit when he was alive...

He is considered the largest religious representation in Brazil and his legacy exceeds religious barriers. He was elected in a popular vote, on a TV show, as being the greatest Brazilian personality in all Brazilian history, disputing with famous, important and revolutionary scientists, inventors, presidents and other personalities.

In 1970, Chico Xavier was called to give an interview for the program "Pinga-Fogo". The program with an initial forecast for 1 hour lasted for more than 3 hours. Thus reaching the largest audience ever recorded in the history of Brazilian TV. In another interview with Chico the same program had to be extended for another 4 hours. The estimated audience was 20 million Brazilians.


Chico Xavier