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BEZERRA DE MENEZES (August 29, 1831 - April 11, 1900) photo colorized by Fernando Ribeiro.

Adolfo Bezerra de Menezes Cavalcanti was born in 1831, in the municipality of Riacho do Sangue, State of Ceará.

At the end of his adolescence, initiative in Rio de Janeiro, his medical studies. Elected councilman and deputy in several legislatures, besides advocating abolitionist ideas, being always devoted to the humanitarian causes. In 1885, he ended his political activities, proclaiming his adherence to Spiritism by initiating, under the pseudonym “MAX”, a series of Spiritist doctrinal articles in the newspaper “O País”, and “Reformer” - organ of the Brazilian Spiritist Federation. Years later, he became President of the Brazilian Spiritist Federation and the Spiritist Center of Brazil and vice-president of the Brazilian Spiritist Federation.

Among several works, he translated the book “Posthumous Works” of Allan Kardec and made a representation in defense of Spiritism to the National Congress. He was also acting director of the Center of the Spiritist Union of Advertising in Brazil, was elected president of the Brazilian Spiritual Federation and reelected President until his death in 1900, in Rio de Janeiro.

Dr. Bezerra de Menezes never denied help to the patients, the needy, and those who knocked at his door. That is why he was recognized as the Doctor of the Poor and Father of all Brazilians by leaving all of us examples of love and charity in all of us.

Dr. Bezerra de Menezes