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• “MEIMEI” (1922 - 1946) – Colorized photo by “Fernando Ribeiro Colorization”.


Her name, when she was alive, was Irma de Castro Rocha. "Meimei" is a Chinese expression, which means "Pure Love" and was given as a nickname by her husband Arnaldo Rocha.Born on October 22, 1922, in Mateus Leme-MG, was, as a child, different from everyone for its beauty and unusual intelligence. She was cheerful, communicative, witty, spontaneous. She attended elementary school, enrolled in the Normal School of Itaúna. First student of the class, in the second year of the course she was forced to abandon her studies because of a nephritis that left her in bed.She moved to Belo Horizonte in 1934. She graduated as a normal student and started teaching for early childhood education. During this period, she met Arnaldo Rocha and married at the age of 22.It was an example of resignation before pain that reaped all the pleasures that life could afford to a young woman full of dreams and hopes. Her greatest dream was to be a mother, unable to perform because she died before she was 24, her death was caused by the widespread complications of chronic nephritis.Those who lived with her testify that she was a charitable creature who was always ready to help those who suffered through a word of consolation or financial help.Despite her young age, she preferred a good read to the amusements, which, however, did not stop her from always being happy. Modest, she never bragged about her personal qualities and the greatness of her heart.Her spirit has already communicated through some mediums as the greatest medium in the world, Chico Xavier.In his messages, always alert to the need for an education that enhances moral values, associating them with a good intellectual baggage.It is honored by dozens of Spiritist houses throughout Brazil, which take its name.

Irma de Castro Rocha - "Meimei"