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LÉON DENIS (1846 - 1927) – Colorized photo by “Fernando Ribeiro Colorization”.


Leon Denis was a French thinker, medium and one of the main followers of Spiritism after the death of Allan Kardec.During his childhood his humble family's lack of resources led him to interrupt his studies, but later, his energy and willpower allowed him to learn Drawing, History, Geography, Social Sciences and Accounting.Always attentive to philosophical and religious issues, Léon Denis had his first contact with Spiritism at the age of 18, reading "The Book Of Spirits" by Allan Kardec. He then became a great advocate and propagandist of the Spiritist Doctrine facing criticism of materialist positivism, atheism and the reaction of Catholicism. He has also studied, participated in numerous world events, lectured in many parts of Europe and actively defended the idea of ​​soul survival and its consequences in the field of ethics in human relations.From 1910 his vision began to diminish, but that did not prevent him from continuing his work. Soon after World War I, he learned the Braille language.Throughout his life, he maintained close ties with the Brazilian Spiritist Federation, and his appointment as a distinguished member and honorary president of the institution was unanimously approved.In 1925 he was acclaimed president of the International Spiritist Congress in Paris, in which the International Spiritist Federation was formed. At this congress they wanted to remove the religious aspect of Spiritism, but Denis opposed it tenaciously, despite the marked old age.Denis was working on his new book "The Celtic Genius and the Invisible World" when he was stricken with pneumonia, and with the help of two secretaries, was able to complete the work.Due to his studies and his great production in Spiritist literature, as well as his affable, selfless and dedicated character, he became known as the "Consolidator of Spiritism" throughout Europe. He is also known as the "Apostle of Spiritism".

Léon Denis