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NIKOLA TESLA (1856 - 1943). Restored and colorized photo by “Fernando Ribeiro Colorization”.


Tesla was an American inventor, physicist and electrical engineer. He became famous for his contributions to technological development and also to the design of the alternating current electricity system. Among his main studies, we can mention the transmission by radio, robotics, remote control, radar, in addition to nuclear physics and computational science.

Nikola Tesla also invented electric computers, new types of generators and transformers, wireless communication, the fluorescent lamp, radio remote control, power transmission prototypes, telephone amplifier (speaker) and others.

The inventor was interested in wireless lighting systems and his experiments explored the distribution of high voltage and frequency energy. He was also one of the first people to manifest the possibility of intercontinental wireless communication and tried to put that idea into practice at the time, without success. The attempt became known as the Wardenclyffe Tower project.

In 1960, the General Conference on Weights and Measures introduced the term "tesla" to the International System of Units for measuring the intensity of the magnetic field.

Tesla envisioned the wireless internet in 1901, while developing a transatlantic radio, he envisioned a system that would collect information and could transmit it to portable devices. The concept he developed was basically what we know as mobile internet today. He also predicted drones and high-speed commercial planes.

Tesla and Thomas Edison are considered "geniuses", and led a controversial technological dispute between them called "the war of the currents". And although Tesla won that epic "battle", it was Thomas Edison who left his name in history as the "father of electricity".

Tesla is often described as the inventor of modernity, a man who "spread light on the face of the Earth".

Nikola Tesla