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• THOMAS EDISON (1847 - 1931). Restored and colorized photo by “Fernando Ribeiro Colorization”.


Thomas Edison was a businessman from the United States who patented and financed the development of many important devices of great industrial interest.

Throughout his life, Thomas Edison registered 2,332 patents. The phonograph, a device that recorded and reproduced sounds, was one of his main inventions. Edison also perfected the phone and the typewriter.

Among his contributions to technological and scientific development are the incandescent light bulb, the dictaphone, current regulator for electrical machines, an underground energy distributor, a precursor valve for radio valves, an energy accumulator (battery), a telegraphic transmission system for trains or ships in motion, electric car battery, electricity meter, electromagnetic railroad, rubber wheels, vacuum packaging and the coal microphone to the phone which allowed long-term voice transmission distances.

In 1890, Thomas Edison founded the Edison General Eletric Company, which would become one of the largest industrial conglomerates in the world. Manufactures all kinds of electrical devices, such as generators, engines, gigantic solenoid valves. The company becomes one of the largest multinational manufacturers.

During World War I, General Electric entered the field of naval metallurgy, producing gigantic machines and new equipment for ships built in several American shipyards. GE enters the branch of the chemical industry, perfecting the methods of manufacturing new products and substances.

Edison also contributed to the cinematographic development by creating film machines called Cinescópio or Cinetoscopio and the Vitascope. The first is a box with filmed images seen inside; and the second represents a film projector on screen. He used his equipment to show the films he was making.

Edison is considered one of the precursors of the technological revolution of the 20th century.

Thomas Edison